There’s A Shoe On It!


At this very moment I am wearing my old, beat-up tennis shoes/sneakers/dirty mess. So, you say, what’s so flipping great that Cheryel’s wearing shoes? Because, my good friends, other than my house shoes, I have had a pair of shoes on exactly twice in the last week or so. I had to go out, so I pulled out some soft shoes that were a little big on me, slapped lots of padding on my toe, opened the laces as wide as I could, and bravely shoved my foot in there while saying words I hope you never hear me say.

The problem was that I had an issue with a joint on my big toe. Let’s just say it was literally ugly for a while.

Have a great day!



About Cheryel Hutton

Are there secrets in the quiet little town of Ugly Creek? What are the Secrets of Ugly Creek? We'll find out soon. Secrets of Ugly Creek worldwide release on Wednesday, June 25!

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