Superstar Physics

220px-Michio_Kaku_in_2012A few weeks ago, January 23rd to be exact, my husband and I were privileged to attend a talk by Micho Kaku, one of the greatest scientific minds alive today. His presentation, given at Chattanooga State Technical Community College, was titled, “The Mind and Beyond” and he definitely went beyond.

Dr. Kaku offered a definition of consciousness that used a number rating system for everything from smart thermostats to humans. He spoke eloquently on many subjects including artificial intelligence, the Internet, the possibility of aliens, and of course, the human brain. 

I’d seen Dr. Kaku on The Science Channel, and was pleased to find that he is as interesting and funny in person.


I can’t wait to read his new book, The Future of the Mind. It can be ordered from Amazon, Barnes and Noble and several other places. See Dr. Kaku’s website for more details. I’d also like to point out that there are science videos and articles on his site—have fun!


Have you ever been to a scientific lecture? Would you like to? Do you think the mind has undiscovered abilities?  Feel free to share.


Have a great week!



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