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Last year at this time, my husband and II were in Tennessee near the Smoky Mountains. It’s a gorgeous time of year there. Blankets of yellow, brown, green, and orange cover the mountainsides. Crisp fall air caresses.Pumpkins are everywhere. It’s a great place to be.

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Photo via WANA courtesy of L.E. Carmichel

This year we’re living near Jacksonville, Florida. There are no mountains (or hills, even). The trees are pretty much the same as they were months ago. The temperature is cooler for here, which means it’s almost cool enough to want a jacket first thing in the morning.

Do I miss the the colors? Yes. The weather? Some. Knowing it will be very cold soon? No! I love the sun, the warmth, I may write about vampires, but I’m pretty much the opposite.

How’s the weather where you are? Do you like lots of sunlight, or do you hide from it? What’s your favorite season?

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  1. I have always lived in the midwest and could not imagine living in a non-four seasons climate. The contrast of the seasons help me appreciate them all. My favorite season is spring…. all that new green sprouting after a cold, white winter.

  2. I enjoy fall, because I like the cooler temps. I enjoy seeing the changing leaves and the crisp air in the mornings.
    skpetal at hotmail dot com

  3. I love Fall & Halloween..the colors & smells. As a child, I loved getting dressed up & trick or treating. Still love it all. Only chance I legally get to dress up and pretend to be someone else.

  4. Hi Cheryel,
    I love fall colors. We still get them in Northern California and it is quite lovely. Thank you for participating in the Halloween hop. 🙂

  5. I’ve always been intrigued by Tennessee–looks beautiful!

  6. I grew up in Georgia but now live in Texas. I miss all the beautiful fall colors and all the trees.

  7. I love the change in the weather in fall. So it is my favorite. We get the wonderful smells, beautiful colors, bon fires, hay rides, hoodies. I love sunlight but i do prefer the evening. I love the stars. I def would make a good vampire. I am a night person. The weather here is wonderful in the fall usually in the 60’s high 50’s . winter is too cold.. I live in Ohio.. Thanks for the chance..

  8. Here in AZ it is still shorts and flip-flop weather. I love fall, but spring is my favorite season.

    Thanks for the post and contest!

  9. Looks like a nice place

  10. I love the fall season! It’s a time to clean house and decorate for all the upcoming holidays. Thank you

  11. Secrets of Ugly Creek looks like a good read. I like the cover. Thanks for the chance.

  12. Enjoyed the post. Thanks.

  13. getting cold

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

    • It is getting cold back in Tennessee, where we were last year. Florida is cooler, but still quite warm. I miss the crisp days, but the sun is great too. I guess I’m torn.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  14. Tennessee is getting colder awesome contest

  15. I love the cold weather. I lived in Jacksonville, FL for 8 years. I hated it. phaedracamille(at)gmail(dot)com

  16. Right now it’s cold and dreary. Until yesterday, we had gorgeous Fall weather. Tomorrow it’s supposed to snow. That’s Michigan for you!

  17. I love the smokey mountains. So beautiful. I’m from KY so we usually go at least once a year.

  18. I prefer fall. Something about the change of colors in the trees.

  19. Happy Halloween 🙂

    Fall is amazing – I think it’s all the colors and also the fact that you know Christmas is just around the corner ….. all those new books as gifts lol!! 😀

  20. It was finally cooler hear today, upper 60s- LOVE it.

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