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The Real Me

website shotSocial Marketing Ninja, bestselling author, and all around amazing person, Kristen Lamb, has blogged about bullying several times over the last few days. In fact, today’s blog is a must read for every woman. Anyway, while reading of these blogs I realized I had stopped blogging because I was scared. I didn’t want to offend anyone, write an opinion that might be wrong (how can an opinion be wrong?) or maybe a little too personal.

Then I realized I had things I wanted to say. Not controversial things really, not offensive generally, and my opinion is my own—though open to change due to the input of new, verified information. So what the hell am I holding back for? Training. Long years of training. Someday I’m going to figure out why my family always felt others were better and that we had to keep quiet and be good little folks. Not my personality, really, but black sheep can be trained—to a point.

Soooooo, I’m planning  to blog on a more regular basis. Just letting you know, you may find out who the real me really is. On that note, I give you a song I really like by a singer I admire. Reba McEntire and “The New Me”:


Finding My Inner Hypocrite

ImageToday I would like to continue talking about the magnificent Moonlight and Magnolias conference held in Atlanta last weekend.

The second workshop I attended was about not letting fear win by Maggie Montgomery. As soon as I walked in I realized two things, Maggie wasn’t your average writer, and I was going to love this workshop. Maggie is a fun person with a wild sense of humor. And she is an amazing speaker who kicked my butt out of the doldrums and into my writers chair.

The first point Maggie made was if what you fear can’t get you killed, incarcerated, or committed, it’s manageable. And you can probably work around the those last two if you have to. Wow. And she’s right. She used our own examples to show us the truth in the words. And somewhere along the line I realized I was looking at writing as second rate over a “real” job. Yikes! That made me a hypocrite—and I hate hypocrites. She put things in a different perspective, that’s for sure. And here I am, at my desk, writing my little heart out.

Thank you, Maggie. I owe you.