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Little Yarn Animal Love

100_0462Like many people, I like to do crafts. My favorite craft is crochet, and the type of crochet I like the most is Amigurumi. Amigurumi is making animals (and sometimes other things, like food or trees) with yarn. Usually the work is done is done with crochet, but I have seen patterns that use knitting. I have done a bit of knitting, but I can’t imagine using knitting needles to create the tiny creatures of Amigurumi.
I say that I make the animals for my grandkids. Here are pictures of my latest creations: a snake for Jr. Professor, and a unicorn for Giggles.
Now I’m working on a hat for me, but I’m already thinking ahead to the next creature I’m going to make. Amigurumi is addictive!


Note: the patterns I used are from Amigurumi Toy Box by Ana Raula Rímoli.


Love is Fragile



My mom and her great-grandchildren

Parents tend to talk about how they missed out on parts of their children’s lives. How they were too busy, or too whatever. I understand; I wish I could have spent every minute of every day with my beautiful daughters. Today, though, I would like to turn this sentiment on its head. 

We expect our parents to be there forus. When we’re young, we take them for granted. When we’re older, we get busy with our families and careers and all the minutia of life. Then one day, we discover the hard way that parents are fragile humans.

For me, it was when my stepfather was in a horrible accident that I discovered just how fragile life is. He wasn’t expected to live, and when it became obvious he would, we were told he’d need 24/7 care the rest of his life. We never lost hope, and turns out the doctors were wrong. He isn’t as strong as he was, and his memory isn’t great, but he’s still him. And I realized how much I love him.

That was a horrible time, but the worst was yet to come. Recently my mom went to the doctor about some seemingly minorpains in her side. Suddenly the world turned upside down. Pancreatic cancer. Metastasized to the liver. It’s almost a month later, and I still can’t really comprehend. Something precious is leaving my life.

My mom and I haven’t always had the best of relationships, but we’ve always loved each other. Now, when we’ve finally found some peace, some place where we can be together and just be. Now she’s going away. I could whine it isn’t fair, but life rarely is. Thankfully, I have some time. I can be there and tell her I love her.

Enjoy being with those you love. They are each precious, wonderful pieces of your life.