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Group Effort

Yesterday all five members of Chattanooga Romance 100_0736Authors (CARA) meet to talk writing, socialize, and put together their annual CARA basket for the Moonlight & Magnolias conference in Atlanta.

The first thing we did was have a meal honoring the women we’ve lost over the past two years.  During this time period, three of the five have lost our mothers, and one her mother-in-law. The odds against that happening must be astronomical, and yet it’s true. It was an odd meal, made up as it was of dishes chosen not to coordinate, but because they were dishes our loved ones preferred. The food went oddly well together, and we all came away satisfied.

Then came the main section of the day, the basket building. Our theme this year is “Southern Hospitality” and we had a ball putting our diverse items together. It’s odd, how, like the meal, our uncoordinated effort resulted in an amazing basket. If you come to the conference this year, be sure to take a look—and maybe put some tickets in our basket Winking smile. Actually, whether you put tickets in ours or someone else’s, do give it a shot. There are always great baskets, and the money goes to support literacy.

After the basket making, we had wonderful deserts and discussed writing and movies and how sexual attraction takes different forms for men than for women.

I’m excited about the M&M conference. It’s always great, but being with my CARA sisters, Laurie White, Nita Wick, Leigh Riker and our hostesses Kelle Z. Riley, makes it even better.


Have you ever made or put together something for a charitable cause?

Have you ever been to a writers, or whatever your industry is, conference?

Have you recently lost someone close to you? Tell me about him or her.


Have a great week!



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Moonlight & Magnolias Conference

Dancing on Saturday night

Moonlight & Magnolias is an amazing writers conference. Held in Atlanta every year, M&M is thrown by Georgia Romance Writers, a chapter of Romance Writers of America. I’ve been lucky enough to be able to attend the last three M&M’s.

This year’s M&M opened with a surprise. Two friends I hadn’t seen in forever were there. But that’s not the big surprise was when they told me how well they were doing as indie authors. And that set the theme for the rest of the conference.

For those who don’t know, “Indie” is short for independent. Indie authors don’t depend on publishers. They self publish via Amazon, Barnes &Noble, Smashwords, etc. They , and they alone, are responsible for doing or having someone do the editing, formatting, cover art, and all the other tasks that publishers have traditionally provided for authors.

The first workshop I attended was with Nina Bruhns (AKA Nikita Black), who told us all about Indie publishing and how she is doing better with indie than with a traditional New York publisher. From there on, the talk was all about income streams and how having several titles available—regardless of the path to publication—was the way to making money in this business. Discoverability is the key–how to get readers to notice your book in the vast ocean of books out there.

It was a lot to take in. And a lot to think about. But you, the readers will be the winners in the end. More choices, books that might never have been published will be out there. And let me tell you, some of them are amazing.

Would you buy a book that you knew was indie published? Would you publish one? Are there types of books you’d like to read, but can’t find—or can’t find enough of?

Have a great week!