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ROW80 Sunday Check in

I’m still having issues with, of all things, the first scene of the partial I hoped to have send in before November 1. Because of this, I’m also behind on my NaNo wordcount. I’m going to need to hide in my writer cave with Quill. She is not happy with me. And remember, she’s a dragon.

Hope my ROW80 and NaNo fellows are doing better than me.

And I plan to kick butt this week.



ROW 80 Sunday check in

I attended HallowCon this weekend, and had a blast. Sold one book, and a couple of people walked away with my info saying they wanted would buy one later. But that’s not the point, not really. More than anything, it’s about the fun 🙂


ROW 80. I haven’t finished all the polishing and a few other details to get the partial manuscripts out. I am committed to NaNo. Not only committed, but determined. Sooooooo…back to the writers cave until I’m done. Somebody shove a sandwich under the door once in a while, please. Goals here.

Row 80 check in for Wednesday 10/19/11

I finished polishing my manuscript. Just a few more things to put together and I can send off the partials.

I signed up for NaNoWriMo. So next up is getting ready for that.

Oh, and I have to get back to blogging.

ROW 80 check in

I’m still working on polishing my manuscript as per my goals. I hoped to get the partials off tomorrow, but it will be another day or two.

Big hello to all my fellow ROW 80 peeps!